Hypertension symptoms

Information about symptoms of hypertension, prevention and treatment of hypertension.
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Symptoms of hypertension

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Arterial hypertension symptoms

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How to measure arterial pressure

The basic symptoms of a hypertension

Hypertension symptoms. National methods of treatment of a hypertension (female health)

About what speak figures of arterial pressure and Hypertension symptoms

Pressure is raised at everyone the third

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The regular use of spirits, as is known, lifts a blood pressure, but the effect can depend substantially on age and levels of cholesterol in an organism of the person, has shown research of medical college Hyogo in Japan.

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- Speak, that if at the person the raised pressure with the years it will raise, and it can live with it. And in general, while it you do not feel, all is normal...

Such complications are connected with an arterial hypertension , as heart attacks, insults, development of intimate insufficiency, infringement of a rhythm of heart. Therefore preventive maintenance and treatment of an arterial Hypertension symptoms in Ukraine is very important