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Information about symptoms of hypertension, prevention and treatment of hypertension.
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To eliminate symptoms of hypertension

Tell, you for a long time measured the blood pressure?

Just about, and I - too. And yesterday measure, also was surprised: pressure is raised - 150/110. And in fact, like more recently, several years ago, all was normal. What to do???
Now I had a new problem - to lower pressure.
1. First we shall undertake the literature:
There much that is written. It appears, symptoms of a hypertension observe at 40 % of the population in economically developed countries. Illness gradually amazes vessels of a brain, heart, kidneys, an eye bottom... And, at last, the most interesting, I quote: " Without regular treatment the arterial hypertensia can lead to a heart attack of a myocardium, an insult …"
Here such at us, hypertensive persons, prospect.
Conclusion 1: It appears to lower pressure, all of us it is required regular treatment.

2. The reasons on which your pressure is raised:
At nervous experiences and stress heart starts to fight more often also raises single volume of emission - naturally, pressure is raised (the top pressure) raises so-called систолическое,
The Poor organism strains vessels that they have not torn. At increase of a tone of sympathetic nervous system of an artery are narrowed, compressed, that again таки conducts to that your pressure is raised, (this time, basically диастолическое, bottom).
And if you attempted солененького? Kidneys Here come into effect. They try to deduce superfluous salt from an organism, and for this purpose it is necessary to strengthen a blood-groove through kidneys (well more quickly to finish with this business) And how to strengthen a blood-groove? It is necessary kidneys to develop necessary enzymes which narrow vessels - and at you again pressure is raised.
3. A primary and secondary hypertension.
The primary hypertension is when pressure is raised owing to the hypertrophied individual reaction of the person to the stimulus causing in the majority of other people only insignificant and short-term increase of a blood pressure. Т.е, at one people under identical conditions (a strong physical pressure, stress, etc.) pressure is raised, and at others - normal. The certain role is played with a heredity, excess weight, a sedentary way of life.
Secondary hypertension - (when increase of arterial pressure is a result of other illness). It happens more often, when pressure is raised because of chronic почечного diseases. Vessels are narrowed, pressure raises.
4. Preventive maintenance of a hypertension
To lower pressure - eliminate factors which raise it!
Be quieter, comrades! Avoid stresses
Go in for sports to lower pressure. As my friend spoke: " I Start to run трусцой - in a month all passes. I feel well. => I forget to run. In a month again I find out symptoms of a hypertension "
It is More than salt - pressure is raised, less than salt - is lowered. Choose an optimum variant that and is it was not opposite, and a kidney in vain to not load.
Smoking " clears up brains ". Due to what? Nicotine, as well as some other substances, raises sympathetic nervous system, vessels are narrowed, fresh blood under pressure goes to a head... Ideas become clear and precise. For some time. Thus pressure is raised or lowered? And? I shall not write, guess. Also draw conclusions.
Conclusion 2. Now, to lower pressure, it would be necessary to conduct more healthy way of life.
5. Treatment
To lower pressure, there are some groups of medicines.
Diuretic means (gipotiazid, furosemid - lazicks, etc.), reducing volume of blood and deducing from an organism sodium.
Vasodilating (block of sympathetic nervous system) - propranolol (obzidan, anaprilin), fentolaminн, atenolol, etc. allow heart to work "more easy".
The means reducing a spasm (captopril - Kapoten, analopril - anam, etc.), switch off rennin-angiotensin the mechanism.
The Preparations blocking Ca channels (verapamil, nefedipin - corinfar, etc.), reduce a blood pressure, reducing intensity of work of heart and reducing a tone of arteries. (a muscle of heart for reduction the raised concentration of ions of calcium in a muscular cell where they get on Ca to channels in its membrane) is required
And here still, has found an interesting way to lower pressure. We shall look!
Physiotherapeutic devices DiaDENS-Cardio which develop electric impulses to force your organism to work so that to lower pressure independently. I shall repeat once again: it not the device lowers pressure. It adjusts your own organism so that your own nerves gave correct signals (such, as at the healthy person). And time nervous impulses correct - pressure normal, symptoms of a hypertension are absent!
Can read through the detailed instruction how to lower pressure by means of this device.
Here is how a lot of interesting has forced me to learn my own organism.
And 130/90 I am more than pressure any more I shall not admit! And you I wish!


absolutely healthy
That who considers itself absolutely healthy, it is recommended to measure pressure not less often than time in 3 months. To the people, suffering Hypertension symptoms.

hypertonic illness
The basic attribute of hypertonic illness ( Hypertension symptoms) is increase of arterial pressure owing to the raised pressure of muscles in walls of fine arteries.

It is considered to be, that the HELL 120/80 - normal, and.. 110/60 optimum. or the primary Hypertension symptoms is observed approximately in 90 %, it means, that in overwhelming number of cases the reason of a Hypertension symptoms is unknown.

As has shown the national review, 81 percent of Americans is used with different forms of correction of sight, but nevertheless 26 % of the population of the country did not visit the oculist within last two years. Besides deterioration of sight can be an initial symptoms of hypertension , diabetes, a tumour of a brain, a cancer, cardiovascular diseases and a multiple sclerosis.