Hypertension symptoms

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Treatment of an arterial hypertensia

the Hypertension symptoms (a primary arterial hypertensia) cannot be completely cured, but it can be supervised to warn complications. As the in itself raised arterial pressure usually does not cause any symptoms, doctors aspire to not resort to treatment which would worsen state of health or broke a habitual way of life. Before any medicines will be appointed, try not medicinal methods (a diet, refusal of bad habits).

To people with excess weight at the raised arterial pressure advise to lower weight up to ideal. Changes in a diet, recommended by a suffering diabetes and adiposity, and also to patients at whom the level of cholesterol in blood is raised, are important also for normal function of cardiovascular system. Reduction of the use of sodium up to 2-3 г (or 6 г salts in day), adequate consumption of calcium, magnesium and калия and reduction of daily consumption of alcohol up to 0,5 л beer, 200-250 г fault or 50 г vodka can make medicinal therapy unnecessary. The moderate physical activity is useful. Patients with эссенциальной a hypertensia should not limit physical activity if arterial pressure is supervised. Smokers should stop to smoke.

Often doctors recommend, that the people, suffering Hypertension symptoms illness, on a regular basis measured pressure of the house. Patients who independently supervise arterial pressure, follow medical recommendations on treatment more precisely.

Medicinal therapy

Actually any person with the raised arterial pressure can supervise it at that wide variety of medicines which today are accessible. However treatment should be picked up individually. It is the most effective, when the patient and the doctor are in constant contact and together work above the program of treatment.

The purpose of treatment of the raised pressure is not only its decrease to normal parameters, but also protection of "bodies-targets". Medical products select so that they did not render adverse influence on feature of a metabolism at the patient.

At a choice of a medicine the doctor considers such factors, as age of the patient, a floor, a degree of increase of arterial pressure; presence of other diseases, for example a diabetes or a high level of cholesterol in blood; potential by-effects of medical products; cost of medicines and the analyses necessary for the control of safety of use of preparations.

The majority of patients transfers the ordered treatment without complications. But any  (reducing pressure) means can cause by-effects. Therefore, if they develop, it is necessary to inform on it to the doctor who can correct a doze or appoint other preparation.

Diuretic means often are the first medicine appointed for treatment of raised arterial pressure. Diuretic means help kidneys to deduce salt and water, reducing volume of a liquid in an organism and thus lowering arterial pressure; expand blood vessels. As diuretic means cause loss калия with urine, it is necessary to accept preparations калия or diuretic. Diuretic means especially effectively help the older persons, suffering adiposity, and at intimate or chronic to insufficiency.

group of medicines which includes an alpha and an alpha-бета-. They block action of sympathetic nervous system - parts of nervous system which quickly answers stress, lifting arterial pressure. Most often used - especially effectively help young patients and the people transferred a heart attack or having a tachycardia, a stenocardia (a pain with a thorax) or headaches as a migraine.

enzyme lower arterial pressure, expanding arteries. They are especially shown to patients with intimate insufficiency, chronic diseases or diabetic defeat of kidneys, and also to men at whom the impotence as a by-effect of reception of other medicine develops.

Блокаторы receptors to angiotensin II lower arterial pressure. The mechanism of their action is similar to on what "work" enzyme. Блокаторы receptors to angiotensin II cause smaller quantity of by-effects.

Antagonists к channels promote expansion of blood vessels on perfect to other mechanism. They are recommended older persons; at a stenocardia (a pain in a thorax), some types of infringements of a rhythm with acceleration of intimate reductions and headaches as a migraine.

receptors lower arterial pressure, rendering direct influence on structures in a brain. They give good effect at all categories of patients.

urgent conditions, or hypertonic crisises, demand fast downturn of arterial pressure. Some medicines are capable to make it quickly; the majority of them appoint intravenously. To these preparations concern диазоксид,  sodium, nitroglycerine and. Nifedipine - the antagonist of calcium, differs very fast action and it can be accepted inside, however it is capable to lower pressure so it is necessary to observe of the patient carefully.

Treatment of a secondary Hypertension symptoms

Treatment of a secondary hypertensia depends on a principal cause of the raised arterial pressure. Treatment of illness of kidneys sometimes normalizes arterial pressure or at least lowers it so medicinal therapy becomes more effective. The artery leading to a kidney, can be expanded in a place of narrowing by introduction and inflating баллонного катетера. There is a method of carrying out of operation which allows to bypass the narrowed part of the artery supplying a kidney. Often such operation leads to normalization of arterial pressure. Tumours which cause the raised arterial pressure, for example, usually delete surgically.


As well as any other somatic disease, a hypertension has the certain semiology of display. For an initial stage of a hypertensia dizzinesses without the visible reasons, and also infringements of a dream (a sleeplessness, uneasiness, discomfort) are characteristic periodically arising weakness, migraine headaches.

Hypertension symptoms
Now in treatment of a Hypertension symptoms are widely enough used, the adonis. Offered recipes and advice will help to improve state of health sick of a Hypertension symptoms.

It is considered to be, that the HELL 120/80 - normal, and.. 110/60 optimum. or the primary Hypertension symptoms is observed approximately in 90 %, it means, that in overwhelming number of cases the reason of a Hypertension symptoms is unknown.

As has shown the national review, 81 percent of Americans is used with different forms of correction of sight, but nevertheless 26 % of the population of the country did not visit the oculist within last two years. Besides deterioration of sight can be an initial symptoms of hypertension , diabetes, a tumour of a brain, a cancer, cardiovascular diseases and a multiple sclerosis.