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Again and again it is necessary to come back to a theme of a hypertension and the raised arterial pressure. The century at men (recently and at women) in Russia is too short. Very often reason of insults and heart attacks becomes the indifferent attitude to the health. Here again that we do not watch arterial pressure is important. Банька with пивком or lasting many hours efforts above beds under the scorching sun for hypertensive persons can turn back accident. Only it is very frequent people and do not guess, that at them the raised pressure. However to measure it too it is necessary to be able, even by means of the cleverest devices.

Arterial pressure (HELL) - pressure of blood in arteries - one of the basic parameters of activity of cardiovascular system. It can change at many diseases, and its maintenance on an optimum level vital. Not without reason any survey of the unwell person the doctor accompanies measurement with the HELL.

At healthy people the level of arterial pressure is rather steady, though in a daily life it is frequent колеблется. It happens and at negative emotions, a nervous or physical overstrain, at the superfluous use of a liquid and in many other things cases.

Distinguish систолическое, or the top, arterial pressure - pressure of blood during reduction желудочков hearts (systole). Thus from them it is pushed out about 70 ml of blood. Such quantity cannot pass at once through fine blood vessels. Therefore the aorta and other large vessels are stretched, and pressure in them raises, reaching in norm of 100-130 mm hg During pressure of blood in an aorta gradually falls in norm up to 90 mm hg, and in large arteries - up to 70 mm hg the Difference in sizes and pressure we perceive in the form of waves which name pulse.

ARTERIAL Hypertension symptoms

Increase of arterial pressure (140/90 mm hg and above) is observed at hypertonic illness, or as it is accepted to name it abroad, эссенциальной hypertensions (95 % of all cases) when the reason of illness to establish it is not possible, and at so-called symptomatic hypertensions (only 5 %), developing owing to pathological changes of some bodies and fabrics: at diseases of kidneys, diseases, congenital narrowing or an atherosclerosis of an aorta and other large vessels. An arterial hypertension not without reason name the silent and mysterious murderer. In half of cases disease long time proceeds, that is the person feels absolutely healthy and does not suspect, that artful illness already undermines its organism. And suddenly, as a bolt from the blue, the hardest complications develop: for example, an insult, a heart attack of a myocardium, retinas of an eye. Many of those who has survived after vascular accident, remain invalids for whom the life at once as though shares on two parts: "up to" and "after".

Recently it was necessary to hear an amazing phrase from the patient: “ the Hypertension symptoms is not illness, arterial pressure is raised at 90 % of people ”. The figure, certainly, is strongly exaggerated and based on hearings. As if to opinion that a hypertension - not illness, this harmful and dangerous error. Such patients who, that especially depress, the overwhelming majority, do not accept гипотензивные means or are treated not regularly and do not supervise arterial pressure, thoughtlessly risking the health and even a life.

In Russia now raised the HELL 40 % of the population have 42,5 million person, that is. And at the same time, according to representative national sample of the population of Russia in the age of 15 years also is more senior, knew about presence at them an arterial Hypertension symptoms of 37,1 % of men and 58,9 % of women, and received adequate therapy of only 5,7 % of sick men and 17,5 % of women.

So in our country greater work on preventive maintenance of cardiovascular accidents is necessary - to achieve the control over an arterial hypertension. On the decision of this problem the target program “ Preventive maintenance and treatment of an arterial hypertension in the Russian Federation ” which is spent now is directed.


“ Hypertonic illness ” Hypertension symptoms puts the diagnosis the doctor, and the necessary treatment is chosen by it, and here the regular control over arterial pressure is already a problem not only medical workers, but each person.

Today in a basis of the most widespread way of measurement of arterial pressure the method (see “ the Science and a life ” 8, 1990) lays offered in 1905 domestic doctor N.S.Korotkov. It is connected with auscultation of sound tones. Besides are applied пальпаторный a method (прощупывание pulse) and a method of daily monitoring (the continuous control over pressure). Last is very indicative and gives the most exact picture of how arterial pressure within day changes and as it depends on different loadings.

For measurement the HELL Korotkov's by method are used mercury and manometers. The last, and also modern automatic and semi-automatic devices with displays before use calibrate on a mercury scale and periodically check. By the way, on some of them top (систолическое) arterial pressure is designated by the letter “S”, and bottom (диастолическое) - “D”. There are also the automatic devices adapted for measurement the HELL through certain, established time intervals (for example so it is possible to observe of patients in clinic). For daily monitoring (tracking) the HELL in conditions of a polyclinic portable devices are created.

Level of arterial pressure колеблется within day: usually it happens the lowest during a dream and raises by the morning, reaching a maximum at o'clock of day time activity. It is important to know, that at sick of an arterial Hypertension symptoms quite often night parameters the HELL appear above day time. Therefore for inspection of such patients the great value has daily monitoring the HELL which results allow to specify time of the most rational reception of medicines and to provide the high-grade control of efficiency of treatment.

The difference between the highest and the lowest values within day at healthy people, as a rule, does not exceed the HELL: for  - 30 mm hg, and for - 10 mm hg At an arterial hypertension these fluctuations are expressed more sharply.


The question on as what HELL it is necessary to consider normal, is combined enough. Outstanding domestic therapist A.L.Mjasnikov wrote: “ In effect, there is no clear border between sizes of arterial pressure as which it is necessary to consider for the given age physiological, and in sizes of arterial pressure as which it is necessary to consider for the given age pathological ”. However in practice, certainly, it is impossible to do without the certain specifications.

Criteria of definition of a level a HELL, accepted in 2004 the All-Russia society of cardiologists, are based on recommendations of 2003 of the European society on a hypertension, experts of the incorporated national committee of the USA on preventive maintenance, diagnostics, an estimation and treatment of the raised arterial pressure. If the HELL are in different categories the estimation is made on higher parameter. At a deviation from norm we speak about an arterial hypotonia (arterial pressure below 100/60 mm hg) or an arterial hypertension (see the table).


absolutely healthy
That who considers itself absolutely healthy, it is recommended to measure pressure not less often than time in 3 months. To the people, suffering Hypertension symptoms.

hypertonic illness
The basic attribute of hypertonic illness ( Hypertension symptoms) is increase of arterial pressure owing to the raised pressure of muscles in walls of fine arteries.

It is considered to be, that the HELL 120/80 - normal, and.. 110/60 optimum. or the primary Hypertension symptoms is observed approximately in 90 %, it means, that in overwhelming number of cases the reason of a Hypertension symptoms is unknown.

The doctor tells to readers www.8med.ru about problems with arterial pressure, Hypertension symptoms , discrediting the most widespread myths. As often we abuse the health the Head today stone, temples, as in a vice! Towards evening sways, and all floats before eyes, and heart beats - directly jumps out of a breast! .